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Imagine Dragons – 30 Lives – original demo (July 2010)
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

По просьбам мы публикуем правильные ответы на тест

In the Roots video, which sport does Dan play?
с) Rugby

Which video features Ben McKee with wings?
с) Shots

Which action figure is hiding on the chair in the Believer video?
b) He-Man

Which video has a scene with a waterfall?
c) I bet my life

What does Dan say to Dolph in the Believer video?
c) I wanna stop

Which video does NOT contain an underwater scene?
c) Believer

Which superpower does the winning teddybear posses in the Radioactive video?
b) Laser vision

In which video does Dan kiss a fish?
c) Roots

In the On Top of the World video, who is barefoot on the crosswalk?
c) Ben

Which activity is enjoyed by band members in more than one Imagine Dragons video?
c) Fishing

What color teddy bear wins the battle in the Radioactive video?
a) pink

In the On Top of the World video, what is the name of the TV store?
b) Stan and Brick Applicances

What does the trophy say in the Whatever it Takes video?
b) Angora Man

Which music video features a star from the 2017 Baywatch movie?
c) Radioactive

Which Imagine Dragons video did Joseph Kahn direct?
d) Thunder

What does the bumper sticker say on Waynes yellow bug in the On Top of the World video?
c) Ragged Insomnia

Which video shows Wayne sporting a ponytail?
d) Shots

In the Whatever it Takes video, which wet prop was also seen in the On Top of the World video?
c) The Scenic overlook sign

Which video shows Dan and Wayne jumping off of The Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas?
b) Shots (broiler Remix)

Whose art is featured in the official Shots video?
a) Tim Cantor

Which band member climbs up the ladder last, at the end of Radioactive?
d) Platzman

What is the name of the foundation that is featured at the end of the Demons video?
b) Tyler Robinson Foundation

Who was featured in the first flashback in the Demons video?
a) Girl at a funeral

Which U.S. President is portrayed in the On Top of the World video?
c) Nixon

What is Lou Diamond Phillips wearing around his neck in the Radioactive video?
b) a key

What kind of cars are driving down the freeway in the Thunder video?
b) ferraris

In Believer, who lands the first punch?
a) Dan

In the Whatever it Takes video, what does the female underwater swimmer throw?
b) Poker Chips

What does the license plate say in the Whatever it Takes video?
c) A Demon is Raging

Which famous actor is NOT featured in an official Imagine Dragons music video?
a) Joel McHale

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